Bible timeline: 8 m tape measure

8 M Tape Measure

Bible timeline started in earnest in 2014 with a 8 m tape measure. The big picture of the timeline had started to develop in my mind, but I needed a way to visualise it.

I used a heavy duty builders tape measure - the scale that I used was very simple; 1 mm = 1 year. Therefore seven meters = 7000 years. How convenient, how effective.

I started to represent the various time periods on the tape measure using coloured insulating tape. It is a bit crude but nonetheless effective.

The following images will give you an idea of how the timeline developed.

Builder Tape 4

The above image shows 7 m of the tape measure spread out. What I find fascinating is that 6 m or 6000 years of human history can easily be visualised. Remember 1 mm = 1 year so 6 m = 6000 years.

All 6000 years of human history can be seen at a glance. Not only so, but the circa 57 years of my life can easily be seen from only a few feet away! It is represented by a short 57 mm of black insulating tape. Further down there is an image of the close up of this to emphasise the point.

Why use 7 m = 7000 years?

Although human history is represented by 6 m = 6000 years, the seventh meter points to the future Millennial Reign of Christ. He will set up his Millennial Kingdom on earth for 1000 years. This is in the future and commences after the Rapture.

Builder Tape 5

The above image illustrates Creation to the Flood - 1656 mm = 1656 years. 

Builder Tape 3

The above image illustrates the life of Adam (white tape). 930 mm = 930 years.

Builder Tape 2

The above image illustrates the life of Noah (red tape). 950 mm = 950 years.

Noah was born 126 years after Adam died. This can be seen in the gap between the end of the white tape on the left side of the above image (Adam) and the start of the red tape (Noah).

The Flood happened 1656 years after Creation. The flood is represented by a small white mark two thirds into Noah's life - red tape - Noah was 600 years old at the time of the Flood.

Builder Tape 1

The above 'close up' of the present time illustrates the following;

Green and white stripe illustrates the world's 2 billion population in 1927. The first billion was recorded in 1804.

Two short black strips are WW1 and WW2

The longer black strip is my life. 57 mm = 57 years. This can easily be seen from several meters away from the tape measure.

Just imagine, my life, or yours for that matter, is not a hair breadth or an insignificant flash when compared with 6000 years of human history. On the contrary - our lifespan can easily be seen within the context of human history.

The red strip illustrates the Tribulation. 7 mm = 7 years. This too can easily be identified from only a few feet away.

The blue tape is the beginning of the Millennium. It stretches out for 1 m = 1000 years.

How simple! What an insight! What a revelation!

This was the humble beginning - the seed plot - of

I imagine that this simple tape measure could be used as a powerful illustration in any bible study or meeting.

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