Blog 002 - Letter to a neighbour
Posted on July 15, 2017

Do you love your neighbour?

Do you love your neighbours enough to tell them about Eternity? Have you taken time to talk to your neighbours about Jesus and about where they will be in eternity?

I know from personal experience and from talking to many other Christians, that although our neighbours may be aware that we are 'Christians', we have never made it our business to present to them the 'Good News' of the gospel or any 'Warning about Eternity'.

The prevailing attitude...

I have heard Christians say that we should not talk to unsaved people about Hell and we should never tell them that they are going to Hell if they reject Christ. It seems as if this message is too harsh.

Harsh? I wish that we could have a glimpse into Hell right now and talk to those who are there and see if the experience would change our view. The one thing that those in Hell would tell us to do is exactly what we are inclined to avoid doing.

I have heard Christians mock the puritan approach, perhaps exaggerated somewhat as 'Turn or burn'. The fact that Hell is eternal ought to drive us to warn everyone we can. Satan is driving a shocking attitude in our modern approach to evangelism that wants to exclude any talk of Hell Fire or Eternity.

Eternity is the most serious subject that we can think about or talk about. It happens to be the most important thing that we can consider. Forever is a long time! We need to consider where we will be in eternity.

What if...

What if your neighbours don't get saved? When they are standing at the Great White Throne, they might say something like this...

But my next door neighbour was a Christian, at least I think so, because I saw them going to church on Sunday. They always seemed very nice and friendly. If they knew that eternity was like this, why did they not literally break my door down to tell me? Why did they never say anything about this Judgment or about Hell or about Eternity?

What can I do?

Just imagine if every Christian in the world sent a letter to their immediate neighbours with such a message. What if every Christian who visits introduced their immediate neighbours to this website. What would be the effect of such widespread exposure to this level of truth?

I have made it my business to do just that. I have also made it easy for you to do the same; you can request a copy of 'Letter to a neighbour' and simply hand it to them or put it through the letterbox.

Too embarrassed?

Are you too embarrassed to communicate this message to your neighbours? Are you worried about what they will think of you? If you are, then I suggest that you are not 'tuned in' to the reality of the 'spiritual realm' or to the 'spiritual warfare' that we are supposed to be engaged in.

Too busy?

Are you too preoccupied with things? What is more important than someone being saved from a lost eternity in Hell? Eternity is real and both you and your neighbours will experience the reality of eternity in a coming day.

I encourage you to follow my example and spread the WORD.

Request a Letter

Request a copy of 'Letter to a neighbour'. Simply go to 'Contact' and request a copy in word or pdf.


Letter to a neighbour...

Dear Bob & Betty,                                                                       

I would like to introduce you to –

As a Christian, I believe that Jesus is coming one day to take Christians - his church - out of this world. This event is known as ‘The Rapture’ and considering how world events are developing, I believe that it could happen during our lifetime.

Immediately after this happens, the inhabitants of earth are going to experience a period of terrible judgement for sin and for rejecting Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. You can read about this in great detail on the Rapture and Tribulation page on the website. traces human history from Creation as outlined in Genesis, to the End of the World as outlined in Revelation. The website divides human history into 13 ‘time periods’ as outlined on the ‘About’ page on the website.

This website contains some really ‘Good News’ about the gospel of Jesus Christ but it also contains a stark warning about ‘The End Times’ and how the world will end.

Big Questions

The timeline charts human history from a biblical perspective and answers many of the difficult questions that we face today.

How was the universe formed?

Were we created or did we evolve?

Is there a God?

Are heaven and hell real places?

Why is there so much evil in the world?

Will the world come to an end?

Are ‘same sex’ relationships wrong?

I sincerely hope that this little note will not be seen as an intrusion but rather - it will prompt you to think very seriously about your own relationship with God and where you will be in eternity.

Be sure of this

God loves you and Christ died for you. You can be sure of Heaven if you trust in Jesus as your Saviour and Lord.

Fire in the house!

Just imagine for a moment that you and your family are asleep in bed and a fire started in your downstairs living room. If I saw the fire and woke you up and called the emergency services, you would thank me.

Alternatively, if your house burned to the ground, and you found out that I had seen the fire at the very early stages, but said nothing – just minding my own business – you would be absolutely furious, and rightly so!

Well, actually...

As it happens, the bible does have a warning for you, and a much more serious one than a house fire. There is a sober warning that I have read about in the bible. The bible claims that if you do not trust Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour – you will not go to heaven. Have you considered the alternative?

The bible says

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Got any questions?

If you have any questions regarding any of the material on or any of the issues that are raised, please do not hesitate to contact me.

God bless you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ who died for you on the cross at Calvary.

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