The claim of the Church that Jesus Christ lived on earth, is a historical fact. In our modern world, human history is mostly recorded as BC or AD. This is based on the international acceptance of the Gregorian calendar.

The coming of Jesus Christ into the world has singularly proved to be the fulcrum point in human history.

Despite the attempts of other world religions to place individuals or prophets on an equal or higher platform to Jesus, the fact remains; the only calendar which is recognised internationally is that which has its dating based on the coming of Christ to this earth.

In the bible it was prophesied that Jesus Christ the Messiah would come into the world. Circa 590 years had passed since Israel’s exile to Babylon and Israel had experienced a period of silence since they last heard the voice of a prophet or had been subject to their own king.

The last kings of her divided kingdom were King Hoshea of Israel in the North circa 720 BC and King Zedekiah of Judah in the South circa 590 BC. The divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah were without a king during the period of the exile and during these silent years.

The Old Testament monarchy had failed and Israel would remain without a king and will continue to remain without a king until Christ is crowned as her true King of kings and Lord of lords when he returns to this earth to set up his millennial kingdom.

When Christ was born king, he had no rival in Israel.

Christ didn’t come to earth during the Golden age of Solomon when Israel was the regional superpower. He came 500 years after the exile; Jerusalem had no Israelite king, and following the Assyrian and Babylonian exiles, the nation was decimated and was now under the rule of the Roman Empire. This is the setting for the coming of Christ the Messiah.

Time would tell that he didn’t come at this stage to set up an earthly kingdom; he came to set up a heavenly kingdom for the salvation of people from all nations.

Regarding the Coming of Christ...

This timeline covers circa 6000 + years of human history and delves into a wide spectrum of subjects, some of which have proved to be controversial over many years. You might not agree with every detail.

It is my hope that you will be challenged to consider this subject and how it impacts your life both now and in the future. I hope that you will learn something new about 'The Coming of Christ' and perhaps be inspired to read the bible for yourself in order to shape your views on this interesting subject.

On this page we will discuss the following topics; The birth, life and miracles of Christ. The death and resurrection of Christ. God's 100% Pass mark. The unique claims of Christ. The return of Christ. 

Useful resource...

For a useful insight into the use of calendars by biblical scholars; the link below is most helpful. The author has conducted meticulous research into this subject over many years.

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