The account of the Exodus should not be relegated to our children’s story books as if it were make believe; it actually happened.

The latter chapters of Genesis and Exodus chapter one set the scene for the emergence of Moses and the dramatic events of the Ten Plagues and the Passover, culminating in the Exodus itself.

Jacob (renamed Israel) had entered Egypt with his entire family. This was a direct result of the infamous famine that ravished Egypt and the surrounding area, including Canaan.

The extended families stemming from his twelve sons would eventually become known as - The Twelve Tribes of Israel. Joseph was sold by his brothers into slavery and ended up in Egypt where he eventually became Pharaoh’s Head of State.

Egypt became a powerful and wealthy nation as a result of Joseph’s Statesmanship. However, when Joseph and all that generation died, a new Pharaoh came to power. He suffered from memory loss and forgot that his empire had grown powerful as a direct result of Joseph’s intervention during the seven years of plenty which preceded the famine.

Many years earlier, God had told Abraham that his people would suffer 400 years of slavery in Egypt. This long and difficult period was now about to begin. Only 70 Israelites entered Egypt, but 400 years later, over 2 million came out in the Exodus.

Immediately following the Exodus, the Israelites crossed the Red Sea in spectacular fashion, they witnessed the demise of Pharaoh and his entire army and subsequently wandered in the desert for the next 40 years.

During the 40 years in the desert, Moses was used by God to introduce the Law and the Tabernacle. These events would prove to be foundational for the Nation of Israel. The Law and Tabernacle would ultimately govern how the nation of Israel would live in their relationship with God. Was this freedom at last? Time would tell.

Regarding the Exodus...

This timeline covers circa 6000 + years of human history and delves into a wide spectrum of subjects, some of which have proved to be controversial over many years. You might not agree with every detail.

It is my hope that you will be challenged to consider this subject and how it impacts your life both now and in the future. I hope that you will learn something new about 'The Exodus' and perhaps be inspired to read the bible for yourself in order to shape your views on this interesting subject.

On this page we will discuss the following topics; Exponential growth. The life of Moses. The ten plagues in Egypt. The Law and the Tabernacle instituted.