Nowadays we talk about climate change; Heads of State meet to discuss how we can protect the environment.

Local Councils within the UK and Europe have been transformed in their endeavours to meet the legislative demands for Waste Management, Recycling of materials, Coastal Erosion Protection Schemes, Renewable energy and other key Environmental issues.

Nothing that we face today compares with the changes to the earth’s environment subsequent to the flood. According to the Genesis 5 genealogy the flood happened exactly 1656 years after Adam was made. This in turn translates to circa 2350 BC. See Timelines 1-3.

The nature and scope of the flood is vastly underestimated by most people; it was an extraordinary cataclysmic event that changed the very environment in which we live.

The shape, topography, position and composition of the earth’s continents that we are now familiar with, are probably very different from the pre-flood conditions on earth.

Not only so, but the earth’s immediate atmosphere and stratosphere are also very different from the pre-flood conditions that surrounded the earth and protected all life on earth.

The flood fundamentally changed our weather systems, it changed the average human lifespan and subsequently changed the way mankind would survive and live.

The flood was universal - planet earth was restored to its former condition as described in Genesis 1 v 2 - it was entirely covered with water. Genesis 6 gives us the reason for this judgmental flood.

Mankind had become intolerably wicked and God had decided that enough was enough; he was going to wipe out all life on earth and start the process of human and animal procreation all over again.

For the most part, deep sea creatures would remain untouched by the flood, they had not been contaminated by the degeneration and depravity of human wickedness. Only Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives would survive; eight people in all.

God would also provide accommodation for the various groups of animals that God brought to Noah during the long period of building the wonderful mega-structure that we call the ark.

Regarding the Flood...

This timeline covers circa 6000 + years of human history and delves into a wide spectrum of subjects, some of which have proved to be controversial over many years. You might not agree with every detail.

It is my hope that you will be challenged to consider this subject and how it impacts your life both now and in the future. I hope that you will learn something new about 'The Flood' and perhaps be inspired to read the bible for yourself in order to shape your views on this interesting subject.

On this page we will look at the following topics; The origin of clouds and rainbows. How the animals came to Noah's ark. Springs and floodgates.Where does the book of Job fit in? Procreation - a new start. Fossils, dinosaurs and the Ice Age.