The Thread - traced in the Flood

The Thread

This timeline will highlight a thread of truth which runs throughout human history from creation, through every time period illustrated on this timeline, right through to the end times as recorded in the book of Revelation.

That thread is this:

God is Alpha and Omega; as creator, he has revealed himself to mankind as the only true and supreme God for all nations. He communicates with us and desires to participate in our lives in order to have a relationship with us.

His ultimate goal is to prepare us to spend eternity with him in perfect holiness and happiness through salvation.

This thread starts in Genesis chapter one and continues through all of human history as recorded in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

There are two opposing forces which can also be traced from Genesis to Revelation.

First - is the unrelenting sinful nature and stubborn rebellion of mankind refusing to submit to God's laws.

Second - is the constant stalking and harassment of that ancient serpent, the devil. He never gives up in his vain attempts to thwart the will of God in his dealings with mankind.

All through human history, God reigns supreme and in the closing chapters of Revelation, Satan finally meets his eternal doom while the saved of earth enter an eternity of bliss and happiness with God.


The Thread

Period 3: The Flood

Here in the account of the Flood we can identify the threefold thread;

We see the outcome of human stubbornness and rebellion against their creator God as the people of the pre-flood age spiral out of control in their wickedness.

We can detect the sinister work of Satan as he deceives mankind into thinking that there would be no consequence for their sin – “Hath God said?”

We see a Sovereign and Holy God taking action in judgement against the sin of mankind.

The account of the Flood issues a severe warning that is relevant today. Humanity at large has rejected God and his laws. People mock God's moral code of law and ridicule the idea of pending judgement.

Just as the Flood came and swept millions into eternity without hope of salvation, so too, in the near future, the Tribulation period will unfold the judgement of God against a rebellious humanity. Billions of people will be swept into eternity.